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Middlesex Disability Hearing Attorney

Attending a disability hearing can be confusing. There are some basic mistakes that we see individuals make when they are not represented by a lawyer. Our law firm assists clients with their cases so that they sail smoothly through the disability hearing process.

Law Offices of Ryan and Kafshi, LLP, in Middlesex, New Jersey, has 20 years of experience assisting clients with these hearings. Prior to private practice, our founder, attorney Ryan worked as a staff attorney for Social Security. His familiarity in these processes and the fact that he has been on both sides makes his representation extremely valuable and worthwhile.

Tips for a Disability Hearing

Our law firm has compiled some special tips about what happens at the Social Security Disability hearing to assist you.

  • Keep it simple: It is tempting to think that more information is better; but that is not always the case. Disability hearings are informal and conversational hearings. However, there is more structure than you might realize. Judges want short simple answers.
  • Know your own case: It is absolutely imperative that you know the history of your case. Be able to answer clearly and quickly give information about your work history including specific dates.
  • Give specific answers: Specific answers are easier to understand and to believe. Do not use phrases like "it varies" or "it depends" when describing your impairment. Instead delineate specific examples about the pain you experience.
  • Give real life examples: Draw a real world comparison about your abilities. For example, if you are asked, "How much weight can you lift?," give specific examples like "I know a gallon of milk is too heavy for me." This type of example shows that you have a reference for what you are claiming.
  • Be consistent: In these cases, you end up filling out a number of different questionnaires about activities and symptoms. It is important to have consistency in your paperwork. If your symptoms change it is wise to explain what it used to be and how it has changed.
  • Answer truthfully and without exaggeration: The court has a lot of records that you may not be aware of, and therefore it is important to be candid. Do not deny your medical history; be truthful and explain without exaggeration.

Contact a New Jersey Disability Hearing Attorney

If you are interested in contacting an experienced attorney who can use these tips and tricks on your behalf contact us. To schedule an initial consultation e-mail us or call us at 732-733-4534 or toll free at 877-401-3514.

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