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Middlesex SSD Attorney

At our law firm Law Offices of Ryan and Kafshi, LLP, we have a substantial amount of experience working in this niche area of law. Robert J. Ryan has 20 years of experience in private practice and 15 years of experience as a staff attorney for Social Security. Located in Middlesex, our law firm serves clients throughout New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.

We Provide Clear Answers to Your Questions

Many of our clients come to our law firm confused, so we have decided to take the time to provide you with answers to some frequently asked questions (FAQ) for your convenience.

What is the difference between SSDI and SSI?

How long can I be considered disabled for Social Security purposes?

  • There is no time limit for receiving Social Security (SS) benefits. However, SS might review your case periodically after awarding the benefit.

If I am found disabled, how far back will the government pay benefits?

  • The maximum retroactivity is 12 months prior to the month the initial application was filed. For example if you filed in April of 2011 and the government found that you have been disabled since 2004, your claim would only be retroactive from April 2010.

Are Social Security Disability benefits available for alcoholics or drug addicts?

  • Yes, alcoholics or drug addicts may obtain Social Security benefits. However, the benefit will not be paid on the basis of alcoholism and drug addiction. The Social Security benefit must be based on another impairment.

Is it possible to obtain both Social Security Disability benefits and workers' compensation?

  • Yes, it is possible; however, the amount might be offset if you receive both simultaneously.

If I become disabled, how long do I have to wait to file for Social Security Disability benefits?

  • You do not have to wait to file for SSD. Benefits are not payable for the first four to five calendar months of your disability. If you are found disabled in February you would not be paid for a number of months, but you do not have to wait to file claim.

Will Social Security determine a percentage that I am disabled?

  • Social Security says whether you are disabled or not. Unlike workers' compensation, the government will not find the percentage that you are disabled.

Can I get Social Security Disability benefits if I have a number of health problems, and it is the combination that disables me?

  • Yes — Social Security will allow for combinations and is required to consider combinations.

How is it handled if I obtain Social Security Disability benefits and subsequently feel better and want to return to work?

  • You can return to work for a trial period where you test your ability without jeopardizing benefits.

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